Welcome to Century Glow! 

We’re an AAPI-owned and operated brand, founded with the mission of combining the timeless wisdom of Asian beauty practices with the cutting-edge advancements of modern science to create effective formulations that help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. 

1) Rooted in tradition

At the heart of our brand is the wisdom of traditional Asian beauty practices that have been passed down for centuries. We value the knowledge and traditions that have been refined and perfected over generations to enhance beauty, promote wellness, and nurture the skin. We draw inspiration from these centuries-old beauty secrets and incorporate them into our products, creating a range of skincare that is both effective and authentic. We believe that by incorporating these ancient practices, we can offer a holistic approach to skincare that not only addresses immediate concerns but also promotes long-term skin health. Our products are carefully crafted to reflect these values, including a focus on prevention, balance, and harmony.

2) Backed by science

All of our products are formulated with proven ingredients that are backed by science and have a solid foundation in the scientific literature. Our founding team is composed of clinicians and scientists that combine their real-life insights with published research studies to create product formulations that are highly effective and feature the latest innovations and cutting-edge advancements that science has to offer. 

3) Clean formulations 

Every product we create is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of any synthetic fragrances, colorants, dyes, parabens, or phthalates so that you can feel fully confident about what you’re putting on your skin. 

4) Skincare is self-care 

We believe that skincare is more than just a routine - it’s a form of self-care. Our skincare products are designed not only to nourish and nurture your skin, but also provide a moment of calm and tranquility in our fast-paced world. 


About Our Founders

Century Glow was founded by Jamie Kim PA-C, Michael Lai and Justin Kim. Having all grown up in intergenerational households where centuries-old skincare secrets were passed down from generation to generation, they sought out products that reflected these timeless traditions while still incorporating the latest advancements in modern science.

They explored various options, but were unable to find anything that met their specific needs. Taking matters into their own hands, they utilized their combined clinical, scientific, and operational experience to launch Century Glow, with the mission of creating products that not only incorporated current scientific advancements, but also the cultural skincare practices that they grew up learning from their mothers and grandmothers.

It's their hope that Century Glow will not only celebrate their cultural identity, but also empower people everywhere to embrace their own unique beauty while feeling their best. By combining time-honored traditions with innovative technology, they aspire to share the beauty wisdom of generations past while inspiring a new generation to take care of themselves and their skin in a way that is both effective and meaningful.